Monday, February 11, 2013

Ramp up your PR efforts...

By Brian Birch
SIMA has been focusing a lot on advocacy and PR lately, and we will be sharing more information about those efforts soon. 

But right now, I want to share with you some information related to one item that came from the Impact of Snow campaign (our advocacy/PR project); our newly created and released Public Relations Toolkit for SIMA members.

Our industry is invisible in many ways, most people just don’t think about the value snow removal professionals provide. They just want the snow and ice to be gone, period. However, as we in the industry know, running a professional snow business is a strange mix of gambling on the unknown (aka will it snow?), coupled with a military-like need for tactical organization (operations), and  rounded out by an adrenaline rush for getting out there, when no one else will, to do the hard work.

So in general, all of you snow professionals out there are part of a diverse, professional industry that adds value to many lives each year. And each of you has a unique story to tell in your area of influence, whether you serve one town or manage snow across a larger geographic area.

Our tool kit is designed to help you, as a SIMA member, get more media attention through some quality tips and templates. I know that when the snow flies, the last thing you are thinking about is getting in a newspaper, but you would be surprised out how powerful good PR can be for your business. And the key to getting good PR is being proactive and having a plan, and making sure that your messages tie into things that are of interest to your community. We hope our SIMA Member PR Toolkit will help you get there. Visit here to download the plan today!

Special thanks to Sheri Singer of Singer Communications for putting this together, and as always, to Pro-Tech Manufacturing & Distribution for supporting our Impact of Snow campaign!

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