Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Snow Business is in the house

Beginning in 2017, SIMA will assume total publishing control of the magazine, which is one of its greatest educational assets.

By Leslie Boomer
Since early summer, SIMA has been promoting that change is coming. We’ve launched a new membership structure, new training and for the first time ever will be taking the Snow & Ice Symposium to Canada as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event.

A lot of change has taken place in the last year and one of the biggest came in April when the Board of Directors made a strategic decision to move Snow Business in house after years of partnering with a third-party publisher. Over the past six years, Grand View Media has been an outstanding partner and we’re grateful for their support of the magazine and SIMA’s mission. 

Fifteen, 10 or even five years ago, this move wouldn’t have been possible. But SIMA has grown to the point where the board feels it is fiscally and operationally able to assume control of the magazine and chart a new path that will deliver additional value to our members. 

Continuity and beyond
Having worked for Snow Business from 2006 to 2013, I returned to the SIMA team in April to help guide this change, which will launch in January 2017. Sales and Account Development Manager Ali Blasko is already on board. Our editorial team - Editorial Director Cheryl Higley and Art Director Lisa Lehman - will transition onto the SIMA team after the December issue. We are thrilled to be able to ensure continuity in operations as we move forward. 

But continuity doesn’t mean we’re standing pat. The magazine is undergoing a redesign that will kick off with the February 2017 issue. We’re adding new contributors, looking at value-added content to include and will continue to feature SIMA members with great stories to tell. We encourage you to become involved by joining our Readership Panel at www.sima.org/readership.

Part of the larger vision
While Snow Business has always been owned by SIMA, the decision to self-publish is part of a larger vision for the future of the association as a whole. Our publishing goal remains - to create dynamic and creative products in print and online for those who care deeply about seeing the continued growth of professionalism, safety and education throughout the industry. 

Bringing all operations under SIMA management will enable us to fulfill our mission - to empower snow and ice management for success. 

Who benefits from self-publishing?

The more you know about who you serve the more you’re able to tailor what’s offered to members to grow membership, reach a broader audience, and educate and train tomorrow’s snow and ice management leaders.

SIMA members and the industry
Because of the intelligence that can and will be gained though the development and maintenance of quality audience and engagement data, we can better serve our members with up to date, relevant education and events they want and need to grow their businesses. Thriving companies focused on professionalism will help continue to elevate our industry.

Advertiser and sponsors
SIMA will develop and maintain a quality audience engagement list that extends beyond Snow Business circulation. Because we have a vested interest in keeping this list current for the benefit of the association, our advertisers and sponsors can be assured their marketing message will reach the highest quality audience possible.

Leslie Boomer is publisher of Snow Business magazine. Contact her at leslie@sima.org.