Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SIMA wants to give you $200

Annual training commitment offsets ASM, CSP program costs
Have you ever pulled out your winter jacket from its back-of-the-closet summer hibernation, put your hands in the pockets for the first time in a year and found money? Well, SIMA members, sign into your account because you just found $200. 
This bonus money isn’t just for anything — it’s the training commitment credit, a new benefit created last year when SIMA revamped its membership structure.
The training commitment is one way SIMA can help offset the cost a company incurs when it commits to training its employees to provide the best service to its clients. 
Once a year, companies can use the $200 credit toward one employee’s purchase of the following:
  • One of four courses in the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) program 
  • $200 off registration for ASM University
  • $200 discount on the Certified Snow Professional (CSP) study materials for a supervisor or manager who has achieved the prerequisites.
What’s holding you back?
The training commitment offers a great opportunity for business owners and managers to set their company and employees apart from the competition. Yet, only 18% of our members have taken advantage of this benefit. You’ve already paid to be a member, why not reward someone at your company with the chance to start on a path toward increased knowledge and a professional designation?
How does it work?
You do not have to be a new member or renew your membership to request the credit. As long as you’re a current member, that $200 is yours — put it to work. The commitment also renews each year that you renew but does not accrue. Use it or lose it!
To request the $200 training commitment, visit The credit will be applied to the designated contact’s training account upon purchase of an ASM training course or CSP study materials.