Thursday, February 14, 2013

SIMA takes steps to strengthen Certified Snow Professional program

By Ellen Kobach
At the beginning of 2013, SIMA and its volunteer Certification committee rolled out some key changes to the pre-requirements for taking the Certified Snow Professional exam. These changes were made to simplify the pre-requirements and to strengthen the program to ensure that CSP candidates are well-qualified in the snow industry. 

With the help of our volunteers (all whom are CSPs), we reviewed the objectives of the CSP program, which include goals to create leaders in the industry, educate others about the industry, ensure professional competence, and more. After a thorough review of these objectives, the new pre-requirements were drafted to bring them into better alignment with these big picture objectives. The new requirements focus on real snow & ice experience as well as snow-specific knowledge before taking the exam. A brief explanation of the 2 paths to becoming a CSP:
  • Option 1: Direct snow management experience – In the last 5 years, applicant has 3 or more consecutive winter seasons of direct snow-specific experience in the industry as an owner, co-owner, or CEO OR 5 or more consecutive winter seasons of direct snow-specific experience as a supervisor/manager.
  • Option 2: Snow-Specific Training, Experience, and Education – If an applicant does not fall under Option 1 requirements before testing for the exam, the applicant must have the following: 15 snow-specific education credits, at least 2 consecutive winter seasons as a supervisor/manager in any industry-affiliated organization, a post-secondary education degree, and a reference letter.
We want CSPs to be well-versed in all aspects of the industry, and to have the knowledge to back up and use the designation. These changes are just one more step towards the constant improvement of the CSP program as a whole.

For anyone interested in becoming a CSP in 2013, SIMA has created a study calendar that gives deadline guidelines and also includes a comprehensive study session during the Symposium in June. To learn more about this and the CSP program, visit or email

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