Thursday, January 7, 2016

Action Alert: Use this tame winter to train and improve

'SIMA has built a significant set of training materials, courses, and resources for members to utilize.'

Take action now on training: 
  • Download the Best Practices Checklist for Snow & Ice Management here (free) and work on checking items off the list.
  • Download the SIMA Safety Training Kit here (free to members).
  • Each SIMA member company is eligible one time per year for 5 free vouchers for use in the SIMA training center. Email to request these (verification required).
  • Schedule a Team Training call here to start down the path of Advanced Snow Management.
  • Review requirements and apply to become a Certified Snow Professional here, and add a serious credential to your qualifications.
In many areas, unfortunately low or no snow has been the norm this year. Many contractors have teams sitting and waiting. This might be the time for you to consider training and improving your key staff and systems. 

In this industry, it is challenging to prioritize time for staff to train, especially leading up to a snow season. SIMA has seen a significant increase in requests for training materials and investments in training over the past month, as many snow companies seek to keep their key players engaged and turn a slow winter into a training opportunity. Many have undergone a quick call with SIMA staff to discuss our Team Training program.

Team Training is designed to connect all of the online training resources available at the SIMA Training Center with key staff members. Each team member receives their own training classroom for focused individual learning like the Advanced Snow Management certificate courses, as well as the ability to download any documents, contracts and forms available to members of SIMA. Team Training companies can also have a single master training account where they can access the SIMA training videos and on-demand training webinars they choose.

SIMA has built a significant set of training materials, courses, and resources for members to utilize. We are here for you during this slow winter, and are interested in helping you in any way we can.

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