Thursday, August 21, 2014

Online tools to help you grow

'The SIMA website has long been the place to go for updates on industry events, to find members, and to access training and tools.'

By Brian Birch, CAE
It's been a great pleasure to work for SIMA for almost 10 years and see the growth and transformation that has taken place across the industry. There have been many challenges, and many still exist for snow professionals. It is our mission at SIMA to provide the resources, leadership and support you need to grow and overcome the obstacles in your way.

We are excited to announce the launch of snow new tools that can help in these endeavors. The SIMA website has long been the place to go for updates on industry events, to find members, and to access training and tools. You may have noticed that we recently completely revampled, and things have changed quite a bit.

The site is still going to be a central part of the industry with some added features, including:
  • Mobile friendly: Designed with a mobile-first mindset, the site is extremely friendly to mobile devices and tablets, so you can access the information you need anytime from any screen.
  • Enhanced member search: Members in good standing will find that the new SIMA Find a Member section mobile friendly and easy to use. Industry professionals can find each other anytime, and potential customers can find members using an array of search criteria, including a ZIP code-radius search for U.S. members.
  • Resource 24/7 revamp: The best place for online training and tools in the industry, Resource 24/7, just got better. This includes a cleaner and more intuitive explanation of how to access training, coupled with a new way to access and purchase the variety of training courses and materials available to industry professionals.
  • Account management tools: The SIMA portal features a whole new set of tools for SIMA members and customers to utilized, including options of saving payment information, annual automatic membership renewal, certification credit reporting for Certified Snow Professionals and much more.
  • Event registration central: Moving forward, all SIMA event registrations will occur within the SIMA portal, ensuring ease of login and use for members and customers. A history of events you have registered for will also be available for long-term reference.
  • Donations for the cause: Members will also be able to donate to the Alan Steiman Scholarship Fund anytime. This scholarship has sent seven up-and-coming professional snow contractors to the Symposium over the past five years.
I hope each of you takes the opportunity to visit the new Your feedback is always welcome.

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