Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Professional estimating, simplified

'SIMA works to create useful, real-world resources for snow & ice management professionals.'

By Brian Birch, CAE
Over the past five years, SIMA has trained hundreds of snow professionals on better snow estimating and sales techniques through its popular Build a Bid program. SIMA engaged more than a dozen industry professionals during the program's development, which took more than a full year. This initiative included a team of five highly experienced professionals who created the in-person Build a Bid program. After achieving success with the program, SIMA wanted to make it more accessible to the industry. Late last fall, we launched the self-study version of Build a Bid online at SIMA's Resource 24/7 Training Center.

The Build a Bid Snow Estimating Package was produced by SIMA and Phil Harwood, CSP, of Pro-Motion Consulting, and is a streamlined version of the in-person training program. The online version teaches all of the major elements of a professional snow & ice management bid, including:
  • Understanding the true costs of the work
  • How to calculate production numbers
  • Methods for creating multiple bid types
  • Tips for sales and qualifying prospects
Each of these areas is supported by video tutorials and a comprehensive workbook that walks through a bid from start to finish.

The most powerful part of the online training program, and one not included in the original Build a Bid in-person events, is the inclusion of a customized Excel-formatted bidding tool. It provides a step-by-step path to calculating the square footage of a site, estimating equipment capacity, applying specific weather data, calculating overhead and other costs, inserting production numbers, and finalizing quotes in various formats. A video tutorial is also included for this comprehensive workbook. 

SIMA works to create useful, real-world resources for snow & ice management professionals. If you are seeking more and better ways to create professionals, fair quotes based on accurate numbers, visit www.sima.org/gobidsnow.

Build a Bid by the numbers
  • 500+ Snow professionals have trained in SIMA's Build a Bid program
  • 12 useful tabs in the Build a Bid online spreadsheet estimating tool
  • 4 sections in the Build a Bid online program
  • 6 exercises included in the Build a Bid online workbook to build skill and knowledge
  • 24/7 access via SIMA's Resource 24/7 Training Center
Brian Birch, CAE is chief operating officer of SIMA. 

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