Thursday, September 19, 2013

Industry questions, industry answers

'Through this program, all SIMA members have the option to make contact with available advisors for best practices and information sharing.'

By Heather Carew
Whether you have been involved in the snow & ice industry for two months or 20 years, everyone has questions. In an effort to answer these questions and to link industry professionals together based on specific areas of interest, SIMA and its Outreach Committee have created SIMA Advisors.

What is a SIMA Advisor?
A SIMA Advisor is and industry professional (and fellow SIMA member) who is available to answer questions and be a resource and conduit for information sharing.

How did this program come about?
SIMA Advisors is a spinoff of SIMA's Buddy Program, which had limitations related to who could participate and the length of the pairing. Over the past year, the Outreach Committee decided to change and expand the program. The Advisor Program is open to all members, and it is up to the member (advisee) to make contact with his or her advisor as needed.

Who can take advantage of this program?
If you're a SIMA member, you're in! Visit to submit an Advisor Request.

What are the program goals?
SIMA prides itself on being "the resource that raises awareness through networking and education." The programs main goal is to educate the member requesting assistance, but the long-term goal is that these two people can create a lasting relationship.

Heather Carew is SIMA's meetings and membership manager. Contact her at 

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