Monday, December 10, 2012

SIMA truck discount means business

By Brian Birch
As a relatively young trade association, SIMA has had its share of successes and challenges. And there are always moments we can point to in the past where we can say that the association took big steps forward in our growth and maturity as the only non-profit trade association in snow. This history informs and guides us as we move forward, and we are pleased to announce a new resource to the membership that I think is another big step for all of us involved in SIMA.

Starting this month, SIMA members have access to a new discount through our SIMA Savings program, an exclusive offer to the snow removal industry from Chrysler Group. During the past year, SIMA and Chrysler corporate have discussed and fine-tuned a plan that includes this discount to the membership, along with a lasting commitment from Chrysler for sponsoring, advertising, and exhibiting with SIMA over the next two years. The deal includes these great values for members:

  • SIMA members receive a $500 cash allowance on truck purchases
  • SIMA members  receive up to $1500 cash allowance on ON THE JOB incentives

The folks at Chrysler understand the challenges of snow management, and the need for tough, durable equipment to get the job done. They want to support those in the industry who do this work every season, and they are willing to put skin in the game to build relationships with SIMA members across North America. 

One of the challenges of managing a non-profit association is describing the tangible values of membership. We now have one more solid piece to add to the equation, a quality, tangible discount that you can leverage as a member. Coupled with the 25 other current SIMA Savings offers, membership definitely can pay for itself and more!

We are excited that a large, diverse entity such as Chrysler is investing time and energy into our niche market, and we feel this is yet another milestone. We hope you will honor their commitment to the industry and take advantage of this new member benefit, you can get more information here.

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