Wednesday, March 14, 2018

SIMA members have access to Library exclusives

The SIMA Library is home to hundreds of articles, including some reserved just for viewing by SIMA members. We recently added 10 articles focusing on operations, human resources and personal development:
  • How to properly stake sites for winter operations
  • A seven-part series on personal growth and development
  • Best practices for managing spills
  • How to get started in liquids without breaking the bank
  • Ins and outs of insurance terms
  • Best practices for corrosion prevention and maintenance
  • Preseason sidewalk training
  • Understanding salt brine
  • How to build a bonus/incentive program
  • Systems reviews for continuous improvement
These stories can be viewed by logging in at Our goal is to start adding new content, including video, more consistently to help members obtain more from their membership. If there are articles on specific topics you’d like to see developed, please email Editorial Director Cheryl Higley at

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