Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snow Safety Week returns

'It’s exciting now to think that we are entering our third year of producing Snow Safety Week.'

By Brian Birch, CAE
A few years ago, SIMA CEO Martin Tirado threw me an idea he’d been tossing around. It was “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel at the time, and he said simply: “We should do something like that for the snow industry.” It was an interesting thought, but neither of us took any notes or went any further with it at the time.

Like all good ideas though, this one kept popping back into my head. As SIMA has shifted to a more specific focus on industry safety, the “Shark Week” concept hit me full blast. “We should do a Snow Safety Week!” I said to my 2-year-old son at the time. He wasn’t too excited with the brilliance of this statement.

It’s exciting now to think that we are entering our third year of producing Snow Safety Week. We again will work with our publishing partner at Moose River Media to accomplish this task. We also welcome back our official Safety Sponsor, BOSS Snowplows, that continues to support safety initiatives through SIMA. Over the past two years we’ve created definitive tips, videos and images tied to snow & ice management safety. 

Visit www.GoPlow.com, hover over the Operations tab and choose “Safety/Training.” Here you will find more than 80 articles specific to safety and training, thanks to initiatives like Snow Safety Week.

Snow Safety Week this year is October 27-30. The week will kick off with an industrywide free webinar: “Snow Fighter Safety: How to Battle the Elements While Maintaining Your Health.” The webinar will be archived at SIMA’s Resource 24/7 Training Center. Stories will be published online at GoPlow.com, and Plowsite.com will moderate several discussions. Safety is so important in this industry. I encourage you to take advantage of the resources we’ll provide during Safety Week.   

Snow Safety Week stats
  • 2-3 - New content items related to safety will be published per day.
  • 15,000+ - Snow professionals will be engaged via online information and messages tied to Snow Safety Week.
Brian Birch, CAE, is chief operating officer of SIMA. Is there a safety-related topic or concern that you think we should cover during Snow Safety Week? Please email your ideas to Brian@sima.org.

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