Friday, April 11, 2014

ASM group training interview with BSR Services Inc.

'These courses have allowed me to review our current best practices and improve them in order to become more efficient and effective.'

SIMA recently caught up with Nick Mossotti of BSR Services Inc. in St. Louis, MO to ask about his experiences with the Advanced Snow Management program. BSR currently has 3 people working through the certificate program, with plans for 2 more to complete it when the final certificate, Ice Management, is released over the next few months. All of them intend to complete all 4 certificates to become Advanced Snow Managers. 

How long have you been in snow management?  
I have been in the snow management business for nearly two years as Director of Operations for BSR Services. I previously worked for more than 20 years in various executive management positions.

Why did the Advanced Snow Management program interest you?  
This program is the perfect opportunity for me because I want to learn as much as possible about the industry. I’m diving into the snow and ice management business at a fast and furious rate and, in my position, I need this industry training in order to be successful. The ASM curriculum is an educational experience that I am thoroughly benefitting from.

What have you found valuable about the ASM training courses so far?
I’m discovering a lot of cutting edge tools that will make my job and our company run much more smoothly. The training encompasses various techniques that complement and enhance my job’s responsibilities perfectly.

When you earn the ASM designation, how will you use it to benefit yourself/your business?   
These courses have allowed me to review our current best practices and improve them in order to become more efficient and effective. I know that, in the end, both our company and our clients will benefit.

Other members of your company have also taken ASM courses. What is the benefit for multiple people from the same company earning certificates?  
It makes sense that other BSR Services employees enroll in this course so we can better relate to the information. At BSR Services, we are a team. We want to be the best and, in order to do that, we have to keep learning and staying informed. I can personally say that I have become more current on our industry’s best practices through the courses. It has definitely been worth my time and effort, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

The ASM program is available 24/7 at

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