Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Volunteers in Action - Building a national snow training program

'What if SIMA organized a group of professional snow companies to participate in an annual training program for Advanced Snow Management?'

This blog is part of our summer series 'Volunteers in Action' on how SIMA volunteers are taking action to improve the snow removal industry.

by Brian Birch
An interesting conversation has developed as SIMA prepares to launch our Advanced Snow Manager certificate training programs this fall. As described in a blog post earlier this summer, SIMA is producing four individual certificate training programs that will lead to a new designation, that of Advanced Snow Manager.

The focus of the Advanced Snow Manager designation is to create a set of focused, in-depth training experiences for operators and especially for operations/field managers in snow. But the more we dig into the concept of building training for those in the field, the more excited we get. This came out in full force during the recent SIMA Education Committee meeting that took place at the 16th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in June.

During that meeting, a very simple idea was discussed; what if SIMA got a group of professional snow companies to participate in not only initial Advanced Snow Manager certificate programs, but in an annual training program for Advanced Snow Management, coordinated nationally by SIMA?

As we discussed at the committee, some things came to light pretty quickly. 
  • There is a need for quality, ongoing safety, health, efficiency, and leadership training for operators and managers in the field.
  • SIMA is in a unique position to help coordinate a national training program for companies and organizations interested in achieving best-in-class snow operations.
  • This type of program can lend a lot of help to those who participate by utilizing SIMA, as the non-profit trade association,  to gain value via outreach to insurance providers and consumers as a whole.
The idea is still cooking, and feedback is needed...would your company participate in an annual training program with SIMA, focused on safer, more efficient operations? If so, what training would be the most beneficial?

Please share thoughts on the blog comments or email Brian@sima.org. 

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