Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why does Snow Matter?

By Brian Birch
The launch of SIMA's new blog is part of an overall effort from the association to provide quality news and advocacy to our industry, and to the public, about the importance of professional snow management in the modern world.

But why did we choose ‘Snow Matters’, you might ask? The name of the blog implies two things:

First, the blog will be focused solely on matters that are relevant and important to snow professionals and our industry.

Second, we want the world to know that the services snow professionals provide are an essential part of our economy and our culture …in a nutshell, snow management matters a great deal to everyone in areas affected by winter weather.

Over the years, I've often referred to this industry as the ‘invisible industry’, because no one seems to think of snow removal until they are standing knee deep in snow. To raise the level of awareness about our industry’s value will be a great challenge, but within that challenge lays tremendous opportunity.

Our first step in an overhaul of SIMA public relations efforts is to create this space to celebrate the achievements of our volunteers, Board, and the association as we do the good work of moving this industry forward.

So yes, we have a clever name for the blog, but we’ll need more than that! Over the next several months we hope you will see that Snow Matters will be a place to discuss important issues, share achievements within the industry, and generate some meaningful dialogue together. Please share any thoughts in the comments on what you’d like to see here at Snow Matters moving forward.

Brian Birch, CAE is the Assistant Executive Director for the Snow & Ice Management Association and can be reached at 

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