Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SIMA advocates for safe holiday shopping

By Brian Birch
As part of a larger advocacy initiative here at SIMA called the Impact of Snow, SIMA is working hard to spread the good word about the value of professional snow removal to the media and the public at large.

Just this month, prior to the first major shopping week of the holiday season, we put out our first set of releases focused on safe holiday shopping and walking safely on ice and snow.

The message may seem a bit broad if you are a snow contractor reading this, but our initial goal is to develop long lasting relationships with media outlets, as well as make sure that snow and ice and its inherent safety risks aren’t ignored during this hectic time of year.

We created these tips in the hopes that people will do simple things to avoid injury while they move from the parking lot into the mall or retail store. We hear on the news all the time about the dangers of driving in snow, but no one ever focuses on the challenges and risks of walking in it! If we can get more awareness out there, for example, on just wearing the proper footwear when going out in a storm, we can have an impact.

Check out what we’ve achieved so far:
  • Safe Winter Walking press release picked up in several outlets in early November, click here for an example.
  • 7 regional web news sites have picked up our 5 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping this Winter release, click here for an example.
  • Martin Tirado, SIMA’s Executive Director, just finished up a radio interview for a major radio program for WBAL Radio in Maryland, we will link to the interview ASAP once it’s available.
Special thanks to Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution as the sponsor of the Impact of Snow initiative. Their support is making it possible for SIMA to spread the word about quality snow & ice management and the value it provides to everyone affected by winter weather.

What can you do to help?
  • Download the 5 tips image (the image at the top of this blog, right click and save it) and share it on Facebook or in other areas you think might grow our awareness impact.
  • Link to this Blog in your social media spaces and let your colleagues in snow see what we are doing.
  • Follow SIMA on Facebook and share our awareness-related posts with your friends and family.
  • Share your thoughts on this initiative below, and we are always seeking ideas and topics that highlight the value of services provided by all of you in the industry, so feel free to share those as well or email them to
Brian Birch, CAE is the Assistant Executive Director for the Snow & Ice Management Association and can be reached at

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