Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Building your network

SIMA peer groups build relationships in non-competitive environment

By Phil Harwood, CSP
Imagine you are trying to solve a dilemma or are facing a difficult decision in your business. You have been agonizing over this for days and have been losing sleep over it. Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to reach out to a group of trusted friends in the industry who completely understood your situation and who could give you sound advice? That’s the value of building your network. 

Perhaps you are trying to decide whether to add another key person to your team or how to compensate them. Maybe you are unsure about how best to set up a new truck. Or you may be working on a budget or updating your pricing matrix and you aren’t sure what gross margin you should be trying to achieve. Ask your network. They probably have the answer or at least can provide guidance. 

Networking events
There are many ways to build your network within the snow and ice management industry. If you plan to attend the 20th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Montreal, you will find a variety of networking opportunities. The Symposium schedule shows nine distinct networking events - receptions, snack and chats, and others - designed to bring together snow pros and build your network. 

For some people, the thought of attending a networking event brings hesitation or even fear. It can be intimidating for some to walk into a reception, for example, without knowing anyone, while it appears that everyone else has known each other for years. The good news is that there are other opportunities to build your network. One of these is to join a SIMA Peer Group.

Shared goals and support
Joining a peer group is probably the most effective form of networking available today. This is because peer groups are comprised of members having the same goals and desires as you do - one of which is to be part of a closed and confidential group of snow pros who are dedicated to supporting each other, giving and receiving ideas, gaining new perspectives, learning from each other and challenging each other at times to reach higher. This is where deep relationships are formed over time.

SIMA Peer Groups are formed with SIMA members from noncompeting markets. They meet in person and by conference call or GoToMeeting on a regular basis throughout the year. An overview of the SIMA Peer Group program and an interest form is available at

New groups are being formed this spring for a June 1 kickoff. In addition, current groups are seeking new members to expand their groups, which range from six to eight companies. 

Is this a good fit for you?
Is a SIMA Peer Group right for you? If this article has piqued your interest, you likely are a good candidate for a peer group. 

Building your network is a key part of becoming a professional in your industry. It is my hope that you take advantage of the many networking opportunities afforded by SIMA, whether by attending the 20th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium, serving on a SIMA committee and/or by joining a SIMA Peer Group. 

Phil Harwood, CSP, is a managing partner of Pro-Motion Consulting Inc. and the SIMA Peer Group facilitator. Email him at

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